Windows 95/98 & Driver Installation Procedures for FM88XC2
Please click here for instruction on setting up Windows 98.
Please click here for instruction on setting up Windows 95 s
Please click here for instruction on modifying the Windows 95/98 Setup Boot disk for use on FutureMate™.

Along with the system you may have received either a driver CD or Diskette. Use appropriate media when indicated.

Suspend to Disk Partition (Windows 95/98)
1. Copy the file d:\s2d\0vmakfil.exe to a bootable disk, where d: is the
    CD-ROM drive.
2. Boot up from the bootable DOS disk.
3. From a:\, type 0vmakfil -pXX, where XX is at least the amount of system memory installed plus 4 MB for
    video RAM.
Recommended parameter : - p136.
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Core Logic Driver for Intel Chipset (Windows 95 only)
At the Windows95 desktop screen, click "Start", click "Run".
Click "Browse".
Click the down arrow button in Look In window, select the D: drive and click.
Open the "Txpatch" folder.
Click on "setup", and then click "Open".
Click "Ok" in the Run Window.
Click "Next" and follow the default install procedure
When install is complete click "Ok" to restart the system.
Windows will detect and install the drivers for new hardware found. Follow the instructions and click "Yes" to restart the system.
On restarting Windows will detect additional hardware and return to the desktop.
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AUDIO (Windows98/95)
At the Windows Desktop Go to Start Settings Control Panel System
Click Device Manager tab.
Expand Other Devices folder and open the device PCI Multimedia Audio Device
Open Driver tab and click on update driver
Click Next
Click Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location
Highlight Sound, Video and Game Controllers and click Next
Click Have Disk
Click "Browse"
Insert the driver CD that came was shipped with the system into the CDROM under Drives select the CDROM Drive (d:) and open the "Audio" folder.
Open "win9x" folder.
The file "maestro.inf" should appear under the file name window.
Click "Ok in the open Window
Click OK in the install from disk Window
The adapter "ESS Device Manager" appears,
Click "Ok" in the Select Device Window and Next in the following Window
You may be asked to insert the Windows 95/98 Disk,
When prompted for the Windows (98/95) CD-ROM disc please remove the Driver CD and replace it with the Windows98/95 CD, click "Ok".
Specify the correct path and folder for the files to be copied. The file should be copied from "D:\win98" (or D:\win95).
Click "Ok
You will be asked to reinsert the driver CD and point to the cd-drive\audio\win9x folder again to copy some more files (where cd-drive corresponds to drive letter d:)
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Windows 95 / 98
1. Go to Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced Properties
2. In the Adapter window, select Change / Have Disk, and browse to D:\Video\win95
3. Select S3 Inc. Virge/MX (Engineering Release)
4. Select the Monitor tab, click on Change, and Select Standard Monitor types/Laptop Display Panel 1024 x 768.
5. Click on Close to return to Settings, and move the desktop area slider to the right to 1024 by 768.
6. Then select Close. Answer Yes to restart Windows 95.

Windows NT 4.0
1. Insert the Utility CD.
2. Go to Control Panel / Display / Settings / Display Type / Change / Have Disk
3. Browse to D:\Video\NT40 and select S3 Incorporated Display Driver v.3.27.08.
4. Answer Yes to proceed, then Yes/Close/Close. Then answer Yes to restart Windows.
5. After Windows has restarted, answer OK to confirm that a new driver has been installed, and set the desktop
    area to 1024x768 to fill the screen.
6. You can either select Test to test the new resolution, or just select Apply and OK to use the new settings.
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PCMCIA (Windows98)
At the Windows Desktop Go to Start Settings Control Panel System
Click Device Manager tab.
Open "PCMCIA" folder
Double click "Generic CardBus Controller", click "Driver"
Click "Update Driver, then "Next".
Click "Next" again and let Windows search for a better driver
Insert the driver CD in the CD ROM drive.
Select "Specify a location" to browse for "D:\PCMCIA\WIN98".
Click "Ok" and then Next
The Wizard will search for Driver and find "Texas Instruments PCI-1225 CardBus Controller".
Click "Next" and Finish.
Replace the driver CD with the Windows 98 CD when prompted and point to D:\Win98 Folder and Click "OK.
Click "Finish" and "Close"
Repeat the above procedure for the second "Generic CardBus Controller".
Restart the computer.
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Universal Serial Bus
Windows95 only

1. Insert the Windows 95C CD-ROM.
2. Run D:\other\updates\usb\usbsupp.exe, and reboot the system when prompted.
3. When Windows has restarted, run D:\other\updates\usb\usbupd2.exe.
4. You will not be prompted to restart, but you need to restart the computer.

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