If you are re-installing Windows 98 from scratch, and need to erase the hard disk first, follow these steps.
1. Place the Windows 98 Setup Boot Disk into the floppy drive, and turn on the

2. When the message "Starting Windows 98" appears, press F8.

3. A Windows 98 menu should appear. Select Safe Mode Command Prompt.

4. At the A:> prompt, type FDISK.

5. A FDISK menu should appear. Select 3 to choose Delete Partition

6. Type 1 to choose to delete Primary Partition.

7. You will see a list of partitions on your hard disk. There should be only one (or
    two if there is a suspend-to-disk partition. Enter 1 (or 2 if there is a s2d
    partition) as the number of partition to be deleted.

8. Type in the Partition's Volume Label exactly as it appears in the partition listing.
    Then answer Y to confirm that you want to delete the partition.

9. After FDISK reports that the partition has been deleted, press ESC twice to exit
    to DOS prompt.
To install Windows 98, follow these steps.
1. Place the Windows 98 Setup Boot Disk into the floppy drive, and turn on the

2. Choose "Configure unallocated disk space (recommended).", and choose 
    Enable Large Disk Support (OSR2 only). After rebooting, the hard drive will be
    formatted automatically.

3. Follow the default settings. For Product Identification Number, type in the serial
    number which appears on the cover of the manual, above the bar code. Then
    choose Next.

4. Type in your name and company name, and choose Next.

5. After Setup finishes copying files, click on Finish to reboot the computer.

6. The first dialog box after reboot is for setting time zones. Click on Close to 

7. If you do not wish to setup a printer at this time, click on Cancel at the Add New
    Printer Wizard.

8. Click on OK to reboot.

9. After Windows 98 restarts, the Welcome to Windows 98 screen appears. Click on
    Close to continue.
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